Bihar: Tightened by molesting daughter, father stabs Manchale to death, call himself after the murder and inform the police

In the village of Valmikinagar in Bettia district of Bihar, the father of a young man was beaten to death in the house after his daughter was molested. After carrying out the incident on Saturday night, the accused father himself called the Valmikinagar police station chief Arjun Kumar and informed him. Bagha’s SDPO Kailash Prasad said that an FIR has been lodged against seven people of the girl’s family on the complaint of the father of the deceased youth. The father and brother of the girl named in the FIR have been arrested. A case of love affair has emerged behind the incident.

In the FIR, the boy’s father has told that his 26-year-old son was at his home. Then a young man from the girl’s family came by bike and called his son and took him. Said that I am settling the matter of you people. Two hours after that, the boy called his elder brother’s mobile and told that he had been imprisoned by the girl’s house. Come soon, otherwise they will kill.

Here, on Sunday morning, the SDPO and the head of the police station, who came to investigate the incident, were told by the father of the main accused that for the last five years, the entire young family had been harassed by the fickle youth. Used to molest the daughter equally. A case was also filed against him. But still he was not ready to accept. He suddenly arrived at home on Saturday night. Tired of molestation, the father locked him in the room and stabbed him to death. After this disclosure of the father, the police have also recovered blood sticks with blood from the spot.

Sir, daughter’s path was difficult

In Valmikinagar, when his father told the police officials about the murder of a young man, after his daughter’s molestation, they were shocked. SDPO said why didn’t you file a police complaint? The murdered father said that he was sent to jail after doing a case. Was in jail for almost a fortnight. He used to get involved with the police as well. The girl’s father said that her daughter worked in a bank privately. The fickle youth reached the bank. There he started badminton, due to which the daughter of the bank also had to leave. After that, she also made her daughter’s scooty disappear. Scooty was later found on his spot. Made it difficult for the girl to walk. In such a situation, how painful it was for a father, you can understand. The SDPO said that no one has the right to take up the law. What you have done is wrong. If you or your daughter were being harassed then you should have gone to the police.


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