Bihar Jitendra Singh alias Tiger a notorious victim of threats

Bihar: Jitendra Singh alias Tiger, a notorious victim of threats in Aurangabad before elections, was killed in film style

Notorious criminal Jitendra Kumar Singh alias Tiger was shot dead on Saturday evening. He was killed on NH-2 near Reliance Petrol Pump under Barun Police Station in Aurangabad district of Bihar. All administrative preparations are being finalized for the first phase of polling on October 26 in six assembly constituencies in Aurangabad district. Meanwhile, the killing of the notorious criminal has raised questions about the district’s security arrangements.

Devananda Singh, who was with Jitendra Singh, was injured in the attack. Upon receiving the information, local police including SDPO Anup Kumar rushed to the spot and investigated. The body was taken away and sent for autopsy. There was a commotion here for some time, but the police were able to handle the matter by persuading.

According to the information received, Jitendra Singh alias Tiger is a resident of Chapri village of Obra police station. On Saturday, he was returning from Dehri with Devanandan Singh and a few others to attend a function. The criminals tried to stop his car by overtaking near a Reliance petrol pump. The car was hit with a rock while stopping and then the car was somehow stopped. The assailants smashed the front mirror of the vehicle with a stone and then entered the place of the revolver and fired. Another Devanandan Singh, who was also a relative, was injured when the kidnappers fled. SDPO Anup Kumar said the body was taken away and sent for autopsy. In this regard, SP Sudhir Kumar Porika said that 15 cases have been filed against Jitendra Singh alias Bagh in different police stations. He has been involved in many serious crimes. The whole matter is being investigated.

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Jitendra Singh alias Tiger, a resident of Chapri village in Obra police station area, has a long criminal history. He has been charged with 15 counts of criminal misconduct while involved in several other cases. According to information received, Abneesh Kumar Singh, a resident of Satyadeh village in Ober, was shot dead, including Jitendra Singh. He was a fugitive after the murder. Police somehow arrested him and recovered the weapon from him. Several more were arrested in connection with the massacre. He was released from jail in the scandal a few days ago. After that he was living in the village. A case of arms smuggling was filed against Jitendra Singh in West Bengal and he too was arrested. An AK-47 weapon was also recovered after police arrested him. It is said that AK-4 belonged to the Naxals and he also worked for the Naxals. He was holding the weapon, which was recovered by police. He was also involved in arms sales and purchases. The SP said that Jitendra Singh was a notorious criminal and he had just come out of jail.

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Witnesses said a total of four people were in Jitendra Singh’s car. Jitendra Singh was driving. The perpetrators smashed the glass in film style and fired shots. Jitendra Singh is said to have three shots. This killing of daylight created an atmosphere of panic. It is said that the other passengers of the car got out of the car and fled after the incident. Devanandan Singh was injured in the attack and is being held in police custody.

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