Bihar elections BJP targets 15 years of RJD rule it

Bihar elections: BJP targets 15 years of RJD rule, it was difficult for people to leave their homes in Jungle Raj

The Bihar Assembly elections are not the future of Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar and the NDA, but the future of the youth, workers, women, the poor, the backward-super-backward, the Dalit-Mahadalit and the students settling here. This is a new direction for Bihar. The remarks were made by former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who was addressing an election rally at the Lato Yadav Inter-School ground in Meskaur on Saturday.

Farnavis, who came from Rajdauli Assembly constituency to seek votes for BJP candidate Arjun Kumar from the NDA, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are people whom no one can tarnish. Do not be tempted by anyone. Be self-reliant. He also noted the 15-year reign of RJD. It was difficult for people to leave their homes in those jungle kingdoms. Today everyone is happy with the NDA government. He appealed to the BJP candidate to win.

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Before 2005, the Maoists dominated: Bhupendra

Bhupendra Yadav, in-charge of Bihar BJP elections, said the Maoists had dominated Bihar before 2005. He had solidarity with the RJD government. It was very difficult for people to leave their homes. The condition of the city was bad, but as soon as the NDA government came, electricity went from house to house. The goal is to accelerate the pace of development through technology. He said that the BJP government has risen above caste and religion to respect the poor, dalits and backward people. The BJP government is running at the center. Now that the NDA government has been formed in Bihar again, the dream of one nation one ration card will also be fulfilled. BJP district president Sanjay Kumar Munna, BJP candidates Kanhaiya Kumar, Gagan Shandilya, Sarbajit Shandilya, Sunil Kumar, Mohan Gupta, Sahadev Verma and others were present at the time.

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