Bihar Election 2020: The geography of Saran Assembly constituencies has changed repeatedly, from 26 to 10 now.

The geography of the Bihar assembly constituencies in Saran changed frequently. In the first election there were 26 constituencies and now there are 10 constituencies. Many people in two or three seats of the same name are now missing from the assembly map.

In the 1952 elections, there were three assembly constituencies called Chapra. Garkha General with Chapra City, Chapra Mufassil and Chapra Mufassil Kam Gadka Reserve. Similarly, Mashark had two assembly constituencies, North and South. Apart from this, there were two assembly constituencies namely Katia Kam Bhor General and Reserved, Siwan General and Reserved and Basantapur North and South.

The geography of the second election and the names of many regions have changed

In the second assembly elections of 1957, the geography and names of many constituencies were changed. The number of assembly seats has come down from 26 to 266. The chapra mufassil-cum-mess was deleted both normal and preserved. The Chapra city area was also abolished. Chapra was replaced by two general and reserved constituencies. Gadkha became the new constituency. The Ekma assembly constituency was also removed. Kataya Kam became the dawn of Kataya assembly constituency. Besides, in two assembly constituencies of the same name, Bhor general and reserved, Darauli general and reserved and Mashark north and south regions. Jiradei also became a new assembly constituency.

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Two constituencies on the new border were removed

Assembly constituencies were reconstituted in 2008 before the 2010 assembly elections. The number of constituencies is only 10, but the two constituencies of Mashrak and Jalalpur were destroyed. The previously deleted Ekma once again becomes a lively new seat. Also, Amanur became a new assembly constituency. The geography of all the seats except Sonpur has changed. The Mashrak division went to the Baniapur and Panapur Taraiya constituencies. Ekma moved away from Manji after becoming an independent territory. Some parts of Manjir Jalalpur and Manji block and Baniapur block have been removed. The Revilganj block under Jalalpur became a part of the Chapra assembly constituency. Some parts of Chapra Sadar Block went to Chapra and some to Gadkha. All areas of the Amanour block were removed from Madhaura and annexed to Lahaladpur. For the most part, the entire Maker block went to Amanur Assembly constituency. Parsa has eight panchayats and the entire Dariapur block remains in the Parsa assembly constituency.

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1962 did not reduce the names of many in the third constituency

In the 1962 elections, the number of constituencies remained at 266, but the names and geography of many areas changed. Chapra town and Chapra Mufassil reserve area were newly formed. Darauli and Raghunathpur have become new constituencies. Bhor and Katia became separate constituencies.

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In the 1967 elections, 25 constituencies were created

Remove in the 196767 elections, one area was reduced and the number increased to 25. Goraikothi, Taraiya and Jalalpur became the new Vis areas. The torch became extinct in the north and south, leaving only the field of the torch. The eastern and western parts of Basantapur are also missing. One or two constituencies remained in the morning.

19 division7 10 constituencies of Saran after division of districts

In the 1977 assembly elections, three sub-divisions of Saran, Siwan and Gopalganj got the status of separate districts. There are ten assembly constituencies left in Saran. These included Manji, Baniapur, Mashark, Taraiya, Madhaura, Jalalpur, Chapra, Gadkha, Parsa and Sonpur.


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