Bihar Assembly elections: Congress wins 19 seats in 1975 amid electoral violence

In Bihar’s 1975 assembly elections, the Congress won in the face of violence and came to power after 1980. A new phase of social and ethnic conflict began in the state. Violent incidents in many areas including Bikramganj, Sitamari, Dalsinghsarai, Motihari, Betia before this election made the election plan.

Candidates were killed in Drathi, Hatia, Nalanda. In the draft, Congress candidate Janeshwar Prasad Singh was assassinated in his office. At the same time, when independent candidate Vishnu Mahato entered the constituency with the support of the IPF candidate from Hatia assembly constituency, he was also killed. On the other hand, Nalanda independent candidate Mahendra Prasad was killed at his home. At the same time, Bokaro independent candidate Banwari Ram died under suspicious circumstances.

200 companies of Mercury Militaries were installed

The Election Commission formed 200 mercury agencies to conduct the elections peacefully. At the same time, before the election, the secretary of the commission RP Bhalla had camped in Patna. Bihar police and home guards were also deployed during the election. A permanent police force was deployed at each booth.

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Nine people have died in the election violence

Nine people were killed in the 1975 election violence. 13 There were 130 violent incidents. There were 310 incidents on election day, in which 49 people died. Several incidents of booth robbery have also been reported. About a thousand people were arrested on election day.

The Congress won 196 seats and the BJP 16 seats

The Congress won 19 seats and the BJP won 16 seats. Congress is on the field at 323 and BJP at 234. The Lok Dal emerged as the biggest opposition. Lok Dal has fielded 261 candidates out of which 4 are candidates. John won. Janata Party has won 13 out of 229 candidates. Out of 167 candidates of CPI, 12 have won in one of the 44 candidates of CPI-M. None of the 85 IPF candidates won. JMM fought for 57 seats, winning 9.

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56.27 percent
Total voters

Use of the vote

Polling booth

A booth

775 voters

Out of 103 women candidates, only 13 have won
The male candidates won 309 of the 329 seats

The party won the seat

Congress 196
BJP 16
CPI 12
CPM 01
Indian Congress (Socialist) 01
Janata Party 13
Lokdal 46
Jharkhand Mukti Morcha 09
Surajya Party 01
Individual 24


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