Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Voters affected by Corona will finally get a chance to vote

Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Voters affected by Corona will finally get a chance to vote

Special attention will be paid to the ongoing elections in Bihar's Corona.

Special attention will be paid to the ongoing elections in Bihar’s Corona. At the end of the day, voters have been infected with corona or have been at risk of infection before and now they will be fine. The list of infected and previously infected voters will be kept in separate polling stations. This will be done in such a way that no one is at risk of infection from Post Covid.

People who have been infected so far are being identified as legal. Information related to this is being given to the concerned Returning Officer and other officers. In a meeting with officials on Monday, the Election Commission team gave necessary instructions considering Kovid-19. Once a voter is infected with the coronavirus, the administration will compile a list of relevant polling stations.


Since such people are at risk of getting the coronavirus. In such cases, there may be another disease among infected people, which is why once an infected person is found to be infected, he or she must vote in the end, officials say.

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Bihar Assembly Election 2020, this time in the context of Kovid-19, two types of arrangements have been made for voters. Separate polling has been arranged for Kovid-19 patients at each polling station. People will vote first. After that, Kovid-19 will have a suspicious or affirmative vote. Such people will be wearing polling kits in PPE kits. The district administration has prepared a separate action plan for this.

Each assembly constituency has a Kovid-19 Koshang

For the first time, separate Kovid-19 cohorts have been formed in all the assembly constituencies. Each cell has been assigned to list the positive or suspected patients of Corona at the respective polling station. However, a list of Kovid-19 patients is being prepared at the district level.

24 thousand affected in Patna so far

At present the number of corona patients in Patna district is 23,924. It has 1944 active patients. The administration says more than 21,000 patients have returned to the country after recovery or their condition has improved in isolation.

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More than 12,000 vehicles will be needed

With the Patna district assembly elections looming, the administr ation has decided to use about 12,000 vehicles for this purpose. Motorcycles will also be used in the selection process, as motorcycles will be provided to send master trainers or other staff to remote areas where four-wheelers cannot go. Earlier, the vehicles were kept at the block headquarters level, but now arrangements are being made to park the vehicles at many places in the block and from there they will be sent to the respective polling stations.


One lakh thousand 1 thousand have been infected in the state so far

So far 5 million samples have been investigated in the state. The disease has been confirmed in one lakh thousand 1 thousand 101 people. Corona currently has 14,000 513 active patients. So far 822 patients infected with the coronavirus have died. However, the health department said that patients with corona are recovering fast. So far, one lakh 43 thousand corona patients have been cured in Bihar.

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An action plan has been prepared in Patna district following the instructions of the Election Commission of India. On the basis of which the general public will vote first after voting for the first infected or suspected patients. Preparations are also underway in this regard. – Ratanambar Nile, District Deputy Election Officer, Patna



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