Bihar: 9 parties have spent Rs 94.9 crore on campaigning in the 2015 assembly elections.

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In the 2015 Bihar Assembly general elections, nine major political parties spent Rs 744.97 crore on campaigning alone. This is given in the report of Bihar Election Watch and ADR.

The ADR report released on Wednesday states how much all political parties spent on the Bihar Assembly elections. Detailed information was given about the expenses incurred by the political parties and other expenses and the debt incurred on the candidates. In addition to the national teams, the data of 9 regional teams have been included in this report.

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ADR produced this report from September to November 2015. It has shown maximum reliance on promotion and advertising by teams. After the election, all political parties provided details of the expenditure to the commission. Major parties like BJP, Congress, NCP, BSP, CPI-M, CPI, RLSP, LJP, JDU, Shiv Sena, Samajwadi Party, RLD are included in this report.

According to the report, 15 political parties collected a total of Rs 151.28 crore in the 2015 assembly elections and Rs 150.99 crore was spent on the elections. These political parties have earned Rs 130.45 crore through their central headquarters and spent Rs 126.19 crore. Parties with Bihar state units spent Rs 24.60 crore on elections.

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According to the ADR report, Rs 5 to 59.32 crore was spent on travel, more than Rs 4 46 crore was spent on candidates and other expenses were slightly higher than Rs 9 crore. Political parties have spent a maximum of Rs 41,025 crore on media coverage. About Rs 22 crore has been spent on publicity materials and about Rs 11 crore has been spent on public meetings.

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