Bakri Eid 2021: Market of goats is being set up in social media in Bihar, WhatsApp group created

Eid-ul-Adha 2021: In view of the Corona period, this time goat is also being sold on social media. For this, vendors have even created WhatsApp groups.

Bakri Eid 2021: In Bihar, goat markets have been decorated at many places regarding Bakrid, but in view of the Corona period, this time goats are being sold on social media as well. For this, sellers have even created WhatsApp groups, so many are making video calls to the shopkeepers of the market to like the goat.Also Read – Noida News: Section-144 implemented in Noida till August 30, the administration imposed restrictions on a large scale

Babuuddin, a resident of Phulwari Sharif in Patna, says that there is a tradition of sacrificing a goat in Bakrid. Tradition has to be followed in the Corona period and the battle with Corona has to be won. In such a situation, online goat is being searched this year. Also Read – Kajol trolled by some users for wishing Eid and Ganpati together | Kajol gets threat for wishing Ganpati and Eid together

He said that cheaper and better goats are found in rural areas than in the city. People of rural areas are also selling goats through social sites. He said that he has seen the picture of goat from some vendors through WhatsApp. Also Read – Why Muslims Celebrate Eid-ul-Adha Festival | That’s why the festival of Eid-ul-Zuha is celebrated

Here, in Muzaffarpur also, goat shopping is happening a lot on social media. Mohammad Aftab, a resident of Jail Chowk, says, ‘Both the seller and the buyer are taking precautions regarding Corona. The seller who is unable to take the goat to the mandis is contacting his acquaintances and showing the goat through video call or WhatsApp, whoever likes, is paying the amount online.

He further says, ‘In such a situation, the only problem is to bring the goat. People are being saved by roaming in the mandis and preferring goats. Many people like goat and are requesting to keep the seller till two days before Bakrid, for which they are also paying money.

In Phulwari, many traders are selling goats online. These traders have created many WhatsApp groups and have uploaded the picture of goat in it and have marked the price according to different breeds. Customers are also liking the goat. A businessman told that traders are also helping others in this work.

By the way, this year the effect of inflation is being seen in the market of goats. Apart from Bihar, traders from other states have also brought goats of different breeds to the mandis in Patna. Goats ranging from eight thousand to 75 to 80 thousand are being sold in the goat market located at Jagdevpath of Patna. People say that this year the effect of inflation is also visible on the prices of goats.

Traders also say, “This year the goats have to pay more for bringing them to the mandis. After all, we will keep the price by adding the cost of the goat to the price of the goat itself. (IANS Hindi)


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