Amit Shah revealed why Chirag Paswan had split from the

Amit Shah revealed why Chirag Paswan had split from the NDA in the Bihar elections

Home Minister and former BJP national president Amit Shah has given reasons for the LJP’s split from the NDA in the Bihar elections. He said the seat was given to hold the LJP in the NDA. There have been many conversations with Chirag Paswan but he did not agree to it. This is a deal that never happened. We are sorry about this. But now the NDA has strong alliances with JDU, BJP, VIP and HAM. We are on the electoral field with a strong social equation and will form a government with a two-thirds majority.

Speaking to a TV channel on Saturday, the home minister refrained from disclosing the seats allotted to the LJP and asked whether the LJP would be included in the alliance after the elections. At the moment they are fighting against us. BJP workers will work to win the NDA. We went to the polls with stamina. On the question of BJP contesting the elections alone, the Home Minister said that Nitish Kumar is our old partner. The alliance has a religion that we are following. It would not be right to select alone for expansion. Modi ji above and Nithi ji below, the bi-engineered government will turn Bihar into a developed state.

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‘Bihar is waiting today’

The Home Minister said that during the 15 years of Lalu-Rabri Raj, the development of Bihar was not only stagnant, the ransom industry also grew. Even beef was eaten. Basic corruption, law and order were all bad. Now there are many differences. Bihar is waiting today and ready to move forward. This change has come in 15 years. This has further increased since Modiji became the Prime Minister. On the question of multi-standard living under Bihar, the Home Minister said that a comparative study would look at how the BD got it from the NDA. It is easy to build a house on flat land but difficult to build a house in a hole. The government sets priorities. We are empowering everyone. Each village is connected by road, electricity and water.

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The JDU will also benefit from the Modi wave

Amit Shah said in my equation of RJD that free food grains were given to the poor from Holi to Chhat Puja. The people of Bihar cannot forget this. In the Corona era, the government became the breadwinner of the poor. Modi said in favor of the wave wave that the BJP as well as the JDU would benefit from it. The clear mood surveys of the people have also come positive. JDU-BJP government is going to be formed. “We are not to blame for Sushant Rajput becoming an election issue,” he said. The manner in which the Mumbai police investigated the case did not bode well.

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