After paying Rs 15 lakh to the Naxals, he returned home from jail, the businessman is still in custody.

Naxals released Ganesh Razak, head of Bhaluya panchayat in Bihar's Lakhisarai district, late Wednesday night. Interest businessman Rajendra Yadav has not been released yet.

Naxals released Ganesh Razak, head of Bhaluya panchayat in Bihar’s Lakhisarai district, late Wednesday night. Interest businessman Rajendra Yadav has not been released yet. After his release, Chief Kajraj stayed overnight with his grandmother and then went to see him at the SP’s residence on Thursday morning and gave information about his release. Sources said the Naxals released the chief after paying a duty of Rs 10 to 15 lakh. While denying the main point.

Released chief Ganesh Razak said he was present at his office with his niece at 9pm on Monday. At the same time the armed Naxals number five came and asked them, “Chief, are you?” When he agreed, the Naxals took him with them. His nephew, teacher Rabindra Razak, also followed. However, he was later banned by the Naxals. According to Headman, no charges were levied. The Naxals had some misconceptions. When he requested that a misinformation be given about him. The Naxals released the chief after an investigation. The Naxals released them at around 11pm on Wednesday, two kilometers from Kajra station. From there he stayed with his grandfather.

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We don’t know where they took us
Asked where he was taken, the chief said his eyes were open as far as the village, but he was bandaged again. The Naxals also used the car. We don’t know where they took him in the car. Meals were served at 11 a.m. He said there was no torture by the Naxals.

Left after duty, but the chief refused
According to sources, Sardar was released after taking charge. In Lakhisarai, negotiations are underway to finalize the deal between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15 lakh, and in Jamuai, it is expected to be released after paying Rs 20 lakh. It is also said that there was a demand of Rs 50 lakh from the Naxals. It was further stated that the niece of the customs officer was released only on the condition of increasing the amount of duty. But the chief has denied all allegations against Levy. He said that all this is just a rumor.

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Interest traders are not yet left
Sud traders are still occupied by Naxals. About the Sud businessman, the chief said the two were together up to the village. Later, when he was blindfolded, he did not even know where the interest had taken the trader. In the place where they were kept, there was no voice of the usurer or the conversation of the Naxals. It is further stated here that the issue of dealing with interest traders is also ongoing. He is not excluded, probably because the deal is not final. Sources are also talking about his release by evening.


The police continue to shoot arrows in the dark
The whole affair was just the tip of the iceberg. As usual, an attempt was made to find the chief by conducting a combing operation. It further said that the police were not willing to take any kind of risk. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – and why they’re doing so poorly.

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The Naxals have left the Chief Minister. Under pressure from the police, the Naxals released Chief Ganesh Razak. Sud merchants will also leave soon. The police are engaged in uninterrupted action. Success soon. – Sushil Kumar, SP, Lakhisarai



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