After Nitish Vashisht Narayan Singh wrote to the workers

After Nitish, Vashisht Narayan Singh wrote to the workers – ‘Leave what anyone is saying …

JD (U) national president and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar wrote a letter to the people of Bihar in October. Now state JDU president and MP Basisht Narayan Singh has sent a letter to JDU workers. In his letter on Sunday, he outlined the JDU policy, the activities of the JDU government and the party’s slogan of 15 years versus 15 years of elections, saying, “Leave it to all NDA nominees.” It takes to ensure victory. The NDA government led by Nitish Kumar will be reconstituted by an uninterrupted majority. Nitish Kumar has changed the face of Bihar, the development of many more pages under his leadership has yet to be written.

Mr Singh, popularly known as ‘Dada’ among party workers, said Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had come to terms with the solution to good governance. In the last 15 years we have written a new story of improved Bihar. On this basis, we have to go to the polls with full morale. We will fight hard and defeat the opportunist forces again.

He said that under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, we want to win all the seats for the NDA with you, so that a big development trend can be drawn in Bihar. We have to collect votes on behalf of BJP, us, VIP and our party’s JDU candidates. Give your 100% in this ‘Maha Yajna’ and assure the NDA government of Bihar once again. We are people who believe in the principles of Gandhi, JP and Lohia, believe in politics including the rise of familism, racism, racism and these principles will continue, this is your promise.

He recalled in detail the 15-year rule of the RJD. Said, they only have a dark history of ‘Jungle King’. Our government brought Bihar out of the jungle kingdom and brought it to the forefront of progress and understands it very well. In the last election, Nitish Kumar promised seven resolutions and now the resolution of seven decisions-2 is before the people. New resolutions made for the youth, farmers, women, the elderly, cities and villages and every farm must be ensured.


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