A married woman of Bhagalpur dowry was beaten to death at her father-in-law’s house

A married woman received a dowry in Bhagalpur, Bihar. On Monday, newlywed Sangeeta Kumari (22) was killed at her father-in-law’s house in Bhatodia village in Madhusudanpur police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNathnagar due to dowry. After this incident, all the in-laws including husband Gunu Yadav fled the house. Only dead sister-in-law Reshma Devi was present at the house.

The villagers informed the girl about the incident. After which the father of the deceased W. Yadav reached the girl’s father-in-law’s house with the family and informed the police. The father-in-law accused Gunnu Yadav of torturing and abusing his daughter for a dowry of Rs 2 lakh for equally humiliating her.

In a statement to the media, he said that four years ago, his daughter Sangeeta Vandola married Gannu Yadav, a resident of Tola, with Rs 200,000 in cash and a gold ornament. The son-in-law works as a driver. Often asked for money to buy a car. Due to poverty and lack of money, the in-laws could not meet her needs and evicted her from the house. She has been at the maternity home for many days.

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In recent days, he came to his father-in-law’s house where his son-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law beat him to death. To hide the evidence, take it to Champanal and wash the blood all over the body. However, blood splashes are still seen in many places. Police in his diary also mentioned blood marks and severe beatings with music. Meanwhile, the victim’s father-in-law fled the house.

The victim’s mother-in-law Reshma Devi and son-in-law Gunnu Yadav were accused of murder. He said his daughter-in-law has an important role to play in keeping the girl from settling down. Madhusudanpur police Mithail Kumar said the body of the deceased woman has been sent for autopsy. Necessary legal action will be taken after the report is received. The in-laws are on the run.

My sister-in-law told Gotani that she had TB

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Her sister-in-law Reshma Devi said that her husband works in Delhi. Suddenly in the middle of the night Gothani coughs. When he started coughing, he started vomiting blood. We stayed up all night serving him. A lot of blood started coming from his nose near the bathroom near Chapanal. He washed his hands and feet and his brother-in-law Gunnu comfortably laid him on the outpost. After waking up in the morning he finds out that he is dead. He then informed the villagers about the incident.

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