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Video: The batsman hit the shot… and the dog ran away with the ball, funny incident happened on the cricket field

This dog was running here and there with the ball and the security guard followed him… The incident of this whole incident is becoming viral on social media.

All Ireland Women’s T20 Cup, Bready Cricket Club vs Civil Service North of Ireland Cricket Club: During the Test series between India-England, ‘Jarvo-69’ caught everyone’s attention. Jarvo entered the field not once, but three times during the match. Something similar was also seen in the All Ireland Women’s T20 Cup. However, this time a dog entered the field, whose video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.Also Read – Taliban fighters celebrating with the severed head of their ‘victim’, people stunned after watching the barbaric video

Actually this incident is of the semi-final match between Brady Cricket Club and Civil Service North of Ireland Cricket Club, in which the Civil Service Club lost 6 wickets while chasing the target. . Also Read – Ladki Ke Dance Ka Video: The girl was dancing outside in the night, the dog also came silently from behind, then what happened will not stop the laughter. watch this video

In 8.4 overs, AB Lackey played a shot towards the third man. The fielder threw the ball towards the wicketkeeper. The wicketkeeper caught the ball and threw it towards the stumps, but the ball could not hit the stumps. Meanwhile, on the field, the dog immediately pressed the ball in his mouth and started running. Also Read – If the pot was not broken by the boy, then the person jumped in the field like a hero, then he himself also got tired. This funny video went viral

The security guard had also come to the ground to catch the dog and started running after him. After playing for some time, the dog himself came to the batsman and released the ball from his mouth.

Batting first in the match, Brady scored 105 runs, but due to rain, the Civil Service Club was given a target of 74 runs in 12 overs on the basis of Duckworth-Lewis rule. The Civil Service Club had lost their important wickets early, due to which Brady won the match and made it to the final.

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