The Indian team has more strength, Sourav Ganguly recalled the recent episode in Australia

The Indian team has more strength, Sourav Ganguly recalled the recent episode in Australia

IPL 2021 is about to start in India amidst tough bio-bubble.

IPL 2021 is set to start from April 2019 amid growing kroner infection cases in India. In Maharashtra, corona is spread in 50 per cent cases. Nevertheless, IPL matches will be held in Mumbai. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has admitted that Indians are more tolerant than foreign players due to strict rules on bio-bubbles. Read more – Ignoring IPL, Hanuma Bihari will now rock England

Sourav Ganguly also gave the example of the Australian team to prove his point. Dada said the Kangaroo team had canceled courses in South Africa in the past due to coronary infections and severe bio-bubbles. Read more – Sourav Ganguly’s big statement, says ‘the biggest push’ to be out of the team after being removed from the captaincy

At the same time, on the other hand, Sourav Ganguly praised Indian cricketers saying that they have been enduring everything for the last six-seven months and playing cricket peacefully in the bio-bubble. Read more – BCCI President Sourav Ganguly tells Bio-Bubble about Indian players

During the virtual unveiling of the Mental Health Center, Dada said in Kolkata, “We feel that we are a bit more tolerant than foreigners (cricketers).”

“There’s been so much cricket going on in the bio-bubble in the last six-seven months, it’s hard. Just walk from the hotel room to the field, handle the pressure and come back to the house and then go back. It’s a different life. “

Sourav Ganguly added, “Look at the Australian team. He was going to South Africa after the series with India in Australia but he did not go there for fear of Corona.”


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