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Player sentenced to 2 years for assaulting his fellow player

Argentina’s 51-year-old Angel Cabrera was accused of assaulting his own partner player.

Argentine golfer Angel Cabrera has been sentenced to two years in prison by an Argentine court. Cabrera was accused of beating his former partner, in which the court ruled after being found guilty. He will have to serve his sentence with immediate effect. 51-year-old Angel Cabrera has previously won the Masters US Open title.

A court in the province of Córdoba, northwest of Buenos Aires, found Cecilia Torres Mana guilty of assault, threatening and torturing her. Cecilia was his partner from 2016 to 2018. Cabrera had denied any wrongdoing during the hearing.

Prosecutor Laura Batistelli told TV channel Todo Noticias: “His situation is even more complicated, there are more charges against him for which warrants of arrest have been issued.” There are more victims.’ Cecilia was the first to make allegations against Cabrera, after which two more women did the same.

This golfer went to the US in July 2020 without approval, after which the province of Córdoba had to request his arrest. In January, Interpol agents arrested him from Rio de Janeiro. Last month he was extradited from Brazil so that he could be tried.

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