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IPL 2022: Franchisees will be able to retain their 4 players before the auction: Report

There is every possibility of 2 new teams coming in the new season of IPL. In such a situation, the BCCI has given the facility to the old 8 franchises to retain their 4-4 players.

The BCCI and the IPL Governing Council (IPL GC) may still be focusing on getting the second half of IPL 2021 done. But their focus is also on the plans for the next phase of this league. A big auction of players (IPL Mega Auction) is to be held for the next season of this league. The BCCI has already announced to bring at least one or two new teams in the new season. In such a situation, everyone’s eyes will also be on the auction and retention of players. Also Read – Pat Cummins will not be seen in the rest of IPL 2021, this is the reason

According to a report in the leading newspaper Times of India, the 8 teams already in this league will be allowed to retain a maximum of four players. If these teams want, they can retain three Indian and foreign players or two Indian and two foreign players. Also Read – After reaching this country, Sourav Ganguly said – I am free from lockdown

According to the retention of the players, the amount of sitting in the auction of these franchises will be decided. For the player to be retained, the amount will be reduced in advance for the auction of the players to these teams. With the arrival of two new teams, BCCI can increase the auction limit to Rs 90 crore per team this time. Also Read – England will not change its Test schedule for the sake of IPL, Ashley Giles said…

However, according to this report of the Times of India, this time many players do not want to retain themselves and they want to bet on themselves in the desire to collect expensive money in this auction. This is happening because this time two new teams are coming in IPL, due to which BCCI is also going to increase the salary purse of the teams.

In such a situation, the franchisees will charge high prices to bring the talented players in their court. Although many big names like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, some big players would not like to do this.


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