IPL 2021: Ricky Ponting, interested in the captaincy of Shav Pant, praised …

IPL 2021: Ricky Ponting, interested in the captaincy of Shav Pant, praised …

Delhi Capital coach Ricky Ponting says Pants is someone who gets extra responsibilities.

When the Delhi Capital (DC) team starts their campaign on Saturday, Shav Pant will be seen leading the field. His head coach and former Australian captain Ricky Ponting is also keen to see Pants captaincy. Ponting said Pant is such a player, he will be seen to enjoy this extra responsibility of captain. Read more – Government allows practice in Mumbai during night curfew

This time regular captain Shreyas Iyer was injured before the start of the IPL. He suffered a shoulder injury and has been ruled out of the tournament. After that, the Delhi capital appointed R Shabha Pant as their captain. Delhi’s team management and coaching staff have high hopes for Pant’s leadership. The team has reached the IPL final for the first time and this time they will start pushing again with the intention of winning their first title. Read more – … when Prithvi looked into Shaw’s eyes and said, “I will not bat in the nets today”

“I think he will enjoy the extra responsibility to the fullest. He is a person who likes responsibility, who likes to lead. So I’m really interested to see how he handles that responsibility,” Ponting told Frontier Media. Read more – Big relief before IPL, negative eye coroner’s report of ground staff at Wankhede Stadium

“We will help them, but to be honest, I don’t think they will need too much help,” he said. The former Australian captain said assisting the newly appointed captain would be part of the work of the coaching staff and senior players.

“I think if we can talk to Pont about his captaincy before the first match, we don’t have to worry about that once the tournament starts,” he said. Once the tournament starts, you don’t want to burden the captain with advice.

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