IPL 2021: Coroner’s rapid spread in Maharashtra: BCCI concerned, says B-plan ready

IPL 2021: Coroner’s rapid spread in Maharashtra: BCCI concerned, says B-plan ready

The BCCI’s plan BO is ready if IPL matches are affected due to the rapidly spreading corona virus in Maharashtra.

The date of the 14th season of IPL (IPL 14) is now approaching. Meanwhile, the BCCI and the IPL steering committee are concerned about the rapid rise in the incidence of Kovid-19 in the country. Maharashtra has the highest number of cases of the deadly virus in the country. The city of Mumbai has remained a hotspot for the virus. Read more – IPL 2021: Push Delhi Capital, Axar Patel infected with coronavirus

In such a situation, all the officials associated with the league are on alert about the matches being held in Mumbai. On Saturday, when it was learned that the investigation into Kokhid-19 had found six field workers at Wankhede Stadium and one player (Akshar Patel) from the Delhi capital positive, everyone’s concern was heightened. Meanwhile, the BCCI has said that it is keeping an eye on these issues and is also ready to transfer Mumbai matches to Hyderabad if needed. Read more – IPL 2021: David Warner arrives in India, Rohit Sharma says – Tiktok will go missing

This season, the BCCI has decided to host the IPL (IPL 2021) in cities across the country. Mumbai is one of these 6 cities. Apart from Mumbai, the matches will be played in Chennai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. However, the rapid spread of corona in Maharashtra seems to be a growing problem in the management of the IPL. Read more – IPL 2021: Coroner positive ground staff at Wankhede Stadium before the start of the 14th edition

On an average, more than 40,000 cases are reported here every day. Meanwhile, the BCCI has made it clear that it has already prepared its backup plan, shifting all matches from Mumbai to Hyderabad if necessary. Earlier on Friday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had on Friday hinted that if the situation in the state did not improve, he could impose a lockout on the entire state.

He said. ‘I’m signaling a complete lockdown in the state. But I’m not announcing right now. If the situation does not improve or no solution is found within the next day or two, we need to announce another lockdown, as is happening elsewhere in the world.

However, according to media reports, the BCCI has received assurances from the government that even if the lockdown is implemented in the state, the teams arriving here will not have any impact on their IPL matches and all their players are already in organic bubble or necessary isolation. So it will not have any effect on IPL matches. Nevertheless, the Cricket Board of India has kept Hyderabad ready as a backup.


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