IPL 2020: KXIP has made history in two super over moments

IPL 2020: KXIP has made history in two super over moments


Not just in the Indian Premier League (IPL), this is the first time in the history of T20 cricket that two super overs have occurred in a match. The match between Kings XI Punjab (Kings XI Punjab, KXIP) and Mumbai Indians (Mumbai Indians, MI) was tied first, then a super over, then another super over, in which Kings XI Punjab won. The final match of the 2012 World Cup was also tied in a super over, when the winning team between England and New Zealand was decided under more restrictive rules and England became the world champions. This rule was sharply criticized, after which the International Cricket Council changed the rules of super overs and made the rules of super overs again in the case of super over ties.

Punjab defeated Mumbai in a two-over IPL match for the first time

The match was very exciting. Two matches of the 13th edition of the IPL were played on Sunday and both the matches were decided in super overs. This is the first time in the IPL that two matches in a day have reached the Super Over. In the first match, Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad in a super over, the result of the second match came out after two super overs. Mumbai Indians batted first and scored 166 for six, in reply Kings XI Punjab scored the same, 166/6, batting first after Kings XI Punjab in the Super Over-

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David Warner made history, the first foreign actor to do so

The thrill of the first super over

Jaspreet Bumrah came in to bowl for the Mumbai Indians, while captain KL Rahul and Nicholas came down to bat for the old Kings XI Punjab.

First ball: KL Rahul took the single from the full ball below Bumrah, the score was 1/0
Second ball: Puran Bumrah hit by plane shot, Anukul Roy catches a catch, scores 1/1
Third ball: When Rahul returned to strike, he was accompanied by Deepak Huda at the crease, Rahul singled, scored 2/1.
Fourth ball: Huda also singled out Bumrah, the score was 3/1
Fifth ball: Two runs at Rahul’s bat in search of boundary, 5/1
Sixth ball:

LBW’s appeal against Rahul, Rahul out, Mumbai Indians need 6 runs to win. The final score is 5/2

Mohammad Shami bowled for Kings XI Punjab and Rohit Sharma and Quinton Dick came from Mumbai Indians to bat.

First ball: Dickcock wanted to play a scoop shot on the first ball, missed completely and had to be content with one run, score 1/0
Second ball: Shamir’s fine ball, Rohit Sharma did not fully understand and had to be satisfied with a single, score 2/0
Third ball: Wide yorker, Dickcock took another single, score 3/0
Fourth ball: Great York, no runs and Mumbai Indians are under some pressure, score 3/0
Fifth ball: One more single, now Mumbai Indians need 2 runs off the last ball to win. Score 4/0
Sixth ball: Dick’s shot, Dickcade was out for two and the match reached another super over. The final score is 5/1

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The second super over thrill

Chris Jordan came in for the Kings XI Punjab Super Over and Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya came in to bat for the Mumbai Indians.

First ball: Perfect Yorker, Mumbai Indians added just one run to their tally, score 1/0
Wide ball, one extra run and one extra ball added to Mumbai Indians account, score 2/0
Second ball: Pandya returned singles to Pollard, scoring 3/0
Third ball: Pollard hit the first boundary of the Super Over, scoring 7/0.
And a wide ball, Mumbai Indians score 8/0
Fourth ball: Adding a run, but Hardik Pandya was out on the second run, score 9/1
Fifth ball: Pollard was caught out, reviewed, on-field umpire had to change his mind, score 9/1
Sixth ball: Fielding at the boundary, Mayank Agarwal converted Pollard’s six for two, the final score being 11/11.

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Now Kings XI Punjab need 12 runs to win. Chris Gayle and Mayank Agarwal landed at the crease, with Trent Bolt handling the ball for the Mumbai Indians.

First ball: Chris Gayle bowled the first toss and Bolt and Universe’s boss hit a six. Score / 0/0 shot, this shot put a lot of pressure on Mumbai Indians.
Second ball: Gayle hit Mayank Agarwal with a single, 7/0 score
Third ball: Agarwal hit a great four, scored 11/0/0, now needs just one run off three balls to win.
Fourth ball: Agarwal gave Kings XI Punjab a final win with a fourth score, 15/0



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