Video: is Shav Pant's funny style, mocking Ricky Ponting

Video: is Shav Pant’s funny style, mocking Ricky Ponting


Hab Shaw Pant imitating Ricky Ponting during the match against Chennai Super Kings, the video is going viral on social media

Sharjah: Hab Shaw Pant (hab Shaw Pant) could not play against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) as the capital of Delhi (DC), but in no way did he shy away from attracting the attention of the viewers on TV. Mshav Pant was out for some time due to a hamstring injury. However, the joke of this young wicketkeeper-batsman continues even after the injury.


In this match, Delhi head coach Ricky Ponting was responding to Dhumketak’s remarks in the eighth over of his team’s innings when Punt stood behind him and started copying what Ponting was saying.

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When commentator Mark Nicholas asked Ponting to look back, he found Pant there, after which Pant left with a smile.

“I’d rather see him in the dugout than see him,” Ponting said.

Punt was injured in the match against Rajasthan Royals on October 9 and has not played a single match since. Pants has scored 176 runs in six matches so far.

Please say that in this match, Delhi lost to Chennai Super Kings by 5 wickets. Delhi opener Shikhar Dhawan won the match by 101 runs. Chasing Chennai Super Kings’ 160-run target, the Delhi Capitals won the match by 175-5 in 19.5 overs.

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