Test series won’t be easy for India: Australia head coach Justin Langer

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Australia head coach Justin Langer has hinted that the Indian team will play Test players at the end of the year when they tour their country for four Test series and the Sheffield Shield for the best performance of a player. Only the team will change.

It will be India’s first series in New Zealand after February-March and it is scheduled to start from 3 December, but there is little confusion about the event as there are different rules regarding lockdown in different cities in Australia.

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“We’ve played great Test cricket in the last 12 to 18 months,” Langer told the AAP from Adelaide on Monday. We are currently the number one team in the world and there are many reasons for this. “Langer’s statement indicates that he wanted to field experienced players against India. Australia tried only 12 players in five home Tests last season.

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“We still have our minds set on what the team will be like in the first Test, but we’ll be surprised to see if anyone else has made that claim,” Langer said. “

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