The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is set to begin in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on September 19, but some important questions are being raised about the event, the answers to which will be revealed at the IPL Governing Council meeting on Sunday. Is assumed. In the UAE, the IPL will be held from 19 September to 8 (or 10) November. The IPL franchise wants the Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic to find answers to questions about the tournament’s events at the governing council meeting. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) first needs the approval of the Government of India for the IPL event.

The main question related to IPL organization is related to quarantine, investigation and isolation protocol. The biggest concern of all franchises is what happens next if a team member is infected with the coronavirus? Will all team members then be tested for coronavirus? Will all members be segregated in the same hotel and if members of the other party are also there, the next investigation will be canceled or postponed until further notice?

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What happens if the biosecure rule is broken?
Franchisees also want to know what will happen if a member violates the law to stay in a bio-safe environment. England cricketer Jofracher violated the rule in a Test match against the West Indies when he was sidelined for five days and joined the team shortly after his two coroner’s tests failed.

How often and at what time should team members test Covid-19?
The Governing Council meeting needs to clarify how many times during the UAE IPL and at what time the team members have to test Covid-19? Will the BCCI conduct this investigation or will it be fully responsible for the franchise? The IPL match will be played in a bio-safe environment, but some concerns related to it are frustrating all franchises.

If the player’s family members want to join together, how will it be arranged?
It is assumed that there will be separate bio-safe environments for match officials, broadcasters, local officials and others during the tournament. In such a situation the question arises that if the player family members want to join together, how will they manage? During the tournament, the team will also have to visit three cities, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, to see what the bio-safe environment will look like at that time.

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In the UAE, the team does not have to stay in a hotel where other people are staying.
Franchisees are also concerned that the UAE team may not be able to stay in a hotel where tourists and travelers are staying. All the teams will have to stay for about 60 days during the UAE IPL and it will be a big responsibility of the franchise to take care of their social distance for so long. Some franchisees have told the governing council that they want the team to arrive in the UAE by August 20 or 21, so that players can have at least three weeks of training time. Due to the corona virus, most players did not train for several months and did not land.


Some franchisees have already chosen hotels for their own teams and are now awaiting the Governing Council’s response for further management. With the approval of IPL officials, the franchisees will complete the hotel arrangements.

What would the rules be if the players excluded themselves?
Another major concern for the franchise is that South African players may opt out of the IPL during the CPL. If this happens, what will be the rules in this regard?

If a player is injured during the tournament, how will another player be replaced?
In addition to these, if one player is injured during the tournament, how will the other player be replaced? If another player is called in to replace that player, what will be the rules regarding the investigation and segregation of his entry into the already established bio-safe environment? Will the limit for carrying extra players before the tournament be increased so that franchises have more player options?

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Franchisees worried about English and Australian players
Another concern for the franchise is that the England-Australia ODI series could run until the second week of September and September 19 before the start of the IPL. In such a scenario, players from England and Australia may be absent from the first few matches of the IPL, as Australian player David Warner also expressed similar fears this week.

Will the franchise allow additional players in the IPL?
In India, every franchise has an additional net bowler during the IPL. The question is how will the UAE be able to manage the eight teams this time with a bio-safe environment and many more restrictions? With the recent Test series having extra players in the bio-safe environment of the West Indies and England, will the franchise be allowed to do the same in the IPL?

There are only three venues for all the eight teams in the IPL and the franchisees want a clear plan for the training schedule of their teams, as training will not be allowed to take place in all the venues due to social distance. Since franchisees may have to travel their team and manage buses for this. The franchisees want the situation to clear up as soon as possible so that players do not have to compromise with their preparation.

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During the IPL, players may have to travel by bus almost every day for training and matches. During the IPL, players will be in touch with a number of hotel staff, caterers, security officials and others. The franchises need to answer the question of what measures have been taken to protect the players in such a situation? Do bus drivers and hotel staff also need to be part of a bio-safe environment? Does the Governing Body have any plans for this?



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