IPL 2020 Why Chennai Super Kings Cant Win From Delhi

IPL 2020: Why Chennai Super Kings Can’t Win From Delhi Capital Kumar Sangakkara Says

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In the 34th match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 on Saturday, Delhi Capitals beat Shikhar Dhawan’s century and Azhar Patel’s bat in the last over by three sixes and Chennai Super Kings by five wickets. Critics noticed why captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave the last over to Rabindra Jadeja. However, after the match, the Chennai captain said that he was forced to give the last over to Jadeja, whose Delhi scored 22 off five balls and easily kept the match in his bag.

At the same time, former Sri Lankan captain and cricket expert Kumar Sangakkara said the real reason for the defeat was not the arrival of Rabindra Jadeja for bowling in the last over, but the fact that CS had to carry a lot of catches in the match. Shikhar Dhawan got three lives from Chennai players during his century innings. Deepak Chahar, Ambati Rayudu and Mahendra S ingh Dhoni all missed catches when Dhawan looked aggressive as he went down to chase the Delhi target.

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Sangakkara told Star Sports: “I think Dhoni’s Duane Bravo was ready for the last over against Delhi. Sam Curran, who came in the 19th over, took just four runs off his six balls. Then it was easy for Chennai to win. Probably, Jadeja bowled the entire length. His balls should have been kept short and wide so that the batsman could cut.

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At the same time, Sangakkara said, “But if CSK are completely honest about the reasons for their defeat, they should look at their fielding. You are talking about the 20th over of the match, but if they are on one occasion, if Dhawan is able to catch, then Delhi.” Couldn’t come so close to winning. “

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Speaking of the match, Chennai scored 199 for five, in response to which Delhi scored 175 for five with one ball to spare. Delhi scored 21 runs in the last two overs, but Sam Karen scored just four runs in the 19th over to make the match exciting for Carrie (04). With Dwayne Bravo out due to injury, skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni handed the ball to Jadeja in the last over, against which Axel Patel ensured Delhi’s victory with three sixes. He scored an unbeaten 21 off five balls to help Delhi chase down the target this season.


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