IPL 2020: Rahul Teotia misses six sixes in an over and Yuvraj Singh sighs.


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In the Indian Premier League (IPL), wicketkeeper-batsmen Sanju Samson (65) and Rahul Tewatia (5) hit sixes as Rajasthan Royals chased down a great target with three balls to spare on Sunday. Of. Kings XI were invited to bat first and scored 223 runs with two centuries off Mayank Agarwal (106), but the Royals recorded a special victory in the IPL with 226 runs for six wickets. In the match, Tewatia Sheldon turned the match around with five sixes in an over by Cottrell. Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj S ingh made a special tweet after Teotia hit five sixes in an over.


Click here: Rahul Tewatia’s five sixes in an over

In the ninth match of IPL 2020, Rajasthan Royals’ Rahul Tewatia batted explosively against Sheldon Cottrell in the 18th over of the innings and hit six sixes off five balls, including four sixes off four balls. Tewatia batted brilliantly in this over and changed the match completely. Seeing Tevtiya’s attitude, Yuvraj Singh tweeted. Seeing Tevatia batting in the hands of the youngster, it seemed that he would break his record of six sixes off six balls. But when Tevatia couldn’t hit a six with a ball, Yuvi said in her tweet, ‘No brother, thank you for missing a ball. Do you play this game? Congratulations to Rajasthan for this great victory. “

IPL 2020: Sanju Samson-Rahul Tewatia Rajasthan Royals make history in Sharjah


Rajasthan Royals had a target of 224 after the innings of Kings XI Punjab. He needed 51 runs in the last three overs. Sanju Samson (four fours off 42 balls, 75 off seven sixes) and captain Steve Smith (two balls, 50, seven boundaries, 50 off two sixes) were in strong position to score big goals. Newcomer Jofra Archer (13 not out off three balls) hit Mohammad Shami in two sixes in a row and Teotia completed a half-century in the same over with a six. The Royals won by 226 runs for the loss of six wickets in 19.3 overs. He scored ৮ 86 in the last five overs.

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Earlier, Mayank Agarwal scored his second T20I career and his first IPL century. He hit 106 off 50 balls with ten boundaries and seven sixes and a 163-run stand for the first wicket with Karnataka’s KL Rahul (54 off 9 balls, seven boundaries, one six). Nicholas scored an unbeaten 25 off eight balls to take Kings XI to 223 for two.

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Tendulkar was also shocked to see Puran’s fielding, he said



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