CSK vs KKR: Rabindra Jadeja turned the whole game upside down, find out the whole thrill of the last balls

Rabindra Jadeja hit an unbeaten 31 off just 11 balls with two fours and three sixes and gave the Chennai Super Kings a stunning victory at the wicket.

New Delhi: Chennai Super Kings may have beaten Kolkata Knight Riders by 6 wickets at Dubai, but there was a time when it was difficult to say which side the match was on. The thrill was at the top in the last over of this match. Let us know what happened after the overs left.

The first ball of the 20th over

In the last over, Chennai needed 10 runs to win, the Yellow Army had to score a total of 173 runs, where it scored 163 runs and the team had 6 wickets left. KKR’s young bowler Kamlesh Nagerkoti’s first ball could not be run by Sam Curran.

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The second ball in the 20th over

Nagercoti bowled a good length ball that reached the long off to the right of Kuren’s bowling. Karen and Jadeja quickly added two runs to the score, all hoping that Karen would give Jadeja a strike but it didn’t happen.

20th third ball

Nagercoti again bowled a good length ball, Kuren delivered the ball to extra cover, but this time Kuren scored 1 and gave the strike to Jadeja

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The fourth ball of the 20th over

No runs were scored from Nagerkoti, Chennai now needed 7 off 2 balls to win.

5th ball of 20th over

Joy’s hopes were now totally dependent on ‘Sir’ Jadeja, dreaming of Joy without a boundary was meaningless, Jadeja picked up the ball with a great shot and sent it to 6 for a deep mid wicket.

The sixth ball of the 20th over

There was a wave of joy on the field of victory, but there was still a picture left, because the match was not over yet, one run was still needed to win, everyone was stuck, what would be the result at the end? Jadeja again hit the ball with a charismatic shot and CSK won the toss.

With this win, KKR’s hopes of reaching the PK-off, where Chennai’s Hounsley is strong, have been surprised. Kolkata still have 12 points and are 5th in the points table.


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