Corona Virus: Mini League Top Players Start, Poolela Gopichand Offers

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Indian badminton team coach and former England champion Pulela Gopichand has proposed to create a biosafety environment among the top athletes and arrange several mini-leagues for the start of games in the country. Gopichand made the offer on Wednesday in a “Sports, Fitness, Lockdown – Key to Way Forward” webinar supported by IDBI Federal Life Insurance, Athletics Federation of India (AFI) and Fit India.

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The national badminton coach said, “Due to the rules of social distance, it may not be possible for us to organize a tournament at the national or state level like before Kovid-19. However we can organize multiple leagues in each game among the top players at our level. ”


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AFI President Adil Sumariwala backed the badminton coach’s proposal, saying his federation was working closely with them to keep their athletes better and in great form ahead of next year’s Tokyo Olympics. .

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Sumariwala said, “Our elite athletes have been in the camp since June and they will start rigorous training from October. We’ve just seen our detailed event calendar and we’re expecting tough competition from January. We are confident of better performance due to the delay in starting the Olympics as it will make our young athletes more mature and better prepared. “

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