'Asian countries responsible for postponing Thomas and Uber Cup'

‘Asian countries responsible for postponing Thomas and Uber Cup’

On Tuesday, former India badminton coach Bimal Kumar blamed Asian nations for delaying Thomas and the Uber Cup final, saying the game had taken a "big push" due to its withdrawal from the competition.

On Tuesday, former India badminton coach Bimal Kumar blamed Asian nations for delaying Thomas and the Uber Cup final, saying the game had taken a “big push” due to its withdrawal from the competition. The World Badminton Federation (BWF) has postponed the Thomas and Uber Cup competitions in Denmark until next year due to the withdrawal of the top teams in the coronavirus epidemic.

“What these Asian countries have done is really disappointing,” Bimil told PTI. These countries have no big problems, they are hosting local tournaments there, so a big push for the game to get their name back is “” through the Thomas and Uber Cups. It will be held in Arahas from 3 to 11 October.


Coronavirus: By Thomas and Uber support the decision to postpone the cup

India announced both the women’s and men’s teams for the tournament. However, due to the corona epidemic, Thailand, Australia, Chinese Taipei and Algeria withdrew from Indonesia and South Korea on Friday, prompting the BWF to postpone the tournament the following year. “It was the ideal way to start the games. There was a stage here,” he said. “We are not as big as China, but India has adopted a positive attitude. We want to take part, but what option does the BWF have if the big countries can’t play How can we operate? I blame Asian countries for that. “

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The BWF also said that according to the pre-arranged schedule, the Denmark Open will be held from October 13 to 16, but the Victor Denmark Masters, which was held from October 20 to 25, has been canceled. Some Indian players, including PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal and Parupalli Kashyap, are confused by the decision to continue the Denmark Open event.

BBWF suspends Thomas and Uber Cup due to Covid-19 epidemic

Kashyap said, “We are still confused about what we will do in this situation. Saina has got a Danish visa and I have applied for it. We have not decided to take part yet.” Said. They said, “I have received a letter from BAI asking them to agree to participate. We will decide on participation in the next three or four days.”

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Women’s doubles player N Siki Radio was not too excited about going to Denmark. “We have decided not to travel to just one tournament, but we can think about it if an Asia-level tournament is held,” he said. We have to give our consent in the next two days. The participation of Olympic silver medalist Sindhu is also doubtful.

Saina Nehwal, angry over the Thomas and Uber Cup in the Corona era, has so far withdrawn seven countries.

Sindhu’s father Ramna said, we have sent the entry on our behalf. We have to wait, because we have to check for any tournament and see the condition of compliance with the rules of limitation. We need to consult with the coach before making any decisions and look at last year’s results (for ranking points). “

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Shubhankar Dey, a male singles player and winner of the 2018 SearleLux Open, said he would take part in the Danish Open. He has a lot of experience playing in the Danish Badminton League. He said, “We have been away from the game for many months, so it is important to play and compete. It is now the ‘new common’ method, we have to adapt accordingly. I have given my consent and am waiting for the visa.



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