Officials say meteorites are suspected behind a loud boom in central Indiana

The NWS spotted a fireball meteor Friday night.

A loud boom across central Indiana Friday night shook some homes and left residents wondering what exactly happened.

Hamilton County Emergency Management said there were reports of a light in the sky and a “possible explosion,” and the source of the activity is under investigation.

“This may have been a sonic boom,” Hamilton County Emergency Management tweeted Friday night. Police and fire departments are continuing to investigate.

A National Weather Service lightning detection system picked up “something in Carroll County,” Hamilton County Emergency Management said.

Experts quickly speculated that the boom came from a suspected meteorite. The Indianapolis office of the National Weather Service reports its geospatial lightning map A “likey fireball meteorite” was discovered Over Carroll County.

A home security camera in Greenwood, Indiana, was taken At 8:47pm local time there was a loud boom and streaks across the sky with a torch.

A suspected meteorite may be present Seen by pilots in KentuckyAccording to Hamilton County Emergency Management.

Received by the American Meteorological Society Many reports of fireballs Friday night in Indiana, including Indianapolis, Bloomingdale, Lafayette, South Bend, Covington and Albany.

Fireball reports came in to the American Meteorological Society on Friday from areas in Michigan, including Kalamazoo, and Illinois, including Chicago and Danville.

The reports come as the Lyrids meteor shower continues across the US. According to NASA, the shower occurs every year in mid-April when Earth crosses the path of debris left by Comet Thatcher.

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“These comets burn up when they hit Earth’s atmosphere, creating this shower of shooting stars,” NASA said.

For prime viewing, the Lyrids are set to peak on Saturday night.

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