The United Nations has a great contribution to make the world a better place: Narendra Modi

New Delhi (folklore). Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the 75th session of the UN on Tuesday morning, said that challenges with the old structure could not be fought, and that multilateral reform was needed in the contemporary world. Praising the United Nations, he said, “The United Nations has a great contribution to make to making this world a better place.”

In her speech, the Prime Minister said that at present there is a shortage of institutions and countries, the United Nations must come forward. But without change it is not possible, new countries have to be given a chance. Nowadays the needs of every country are being heard.

Modi said, “The conference itself accepts the changes in the UN. We cannot fight today’s challenges with the old structure. The UN is facing a crisis of confidence without comprehensive reforms.”

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TS Thirumurthy, the UN ambassador to India, described the video recorded by Modi to the UN. Due to the global epidemic coronavirus, the United Nations has adopted a format for sending messages via video.

Modi said that work needs to be done on conflict prevention, climate change, development and development of digital technology. “In today’s interconnected world, we need a reformist multilateralism that reflects the realities of the present, gives voice to all stakeholders, addresses contemporary challenges, and succeeds in focusing on human welfare,” he said.

Modi said the UN has approved those who have worked as peacekeepers in line with UN standards. He also mentioned India’s contribution to peace efforts. He said, but even then the main goal of the UN is still incomplete. Modi’s second speech will be before the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

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