Pakistan: Van fire kills 13, injures five

Karachi (folklore). At least 13 people have been killed and five others seriously injured after a van caught fire in Karachi, Pakistan’s Sindh province. The incident took place in Nuribad police station area on Saturday night. The van was traveling from Hyderabad to Karachi. Meanwhile, there was a fire on the way. Thirteen people in the van were burnt to death in the accident.

Director General of Motorway Police. Aftab Pathan said there were 20 people in the van. The van overturned after catching fire, trapping all passengers. Thirteen passengers died in the blaze. He said some people managed to save their lives but were also seriously injured. Five people have been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Her condition is critical. Dr Aftab said efforts were underway to remove the body from the van.

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He said the van had reached about 600 km from Hyderabad, this time it happened. He has been completely damaged. Upon receiving the news, the ambulance and fire brigade reached the spot for relief work. The driver of the van who survived the accident and a child are also there. The identities of the dead were not known.
The incident took place at a distance of 3 km from Hyderabad, said Superintendent of Police Nuribad Nazar Dishak.

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