Middle East Bhagat Festival of Friendship; UAE, Bahrain and Israel Yanch agreement

There has been an embarrassment for many years, Israel is coming to the UAE and Bahrain or the country friendship agreement.

There has been an embarrassment for many years, Israel is coming to the UAE and Bahrain or the country friendship agreement. The daughter of US Secretary of State Donald Trump Yanchai, the head of the White House or a contract dictator.

Washington: The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain or the native Israelis are coming to terms with the Sobchaya Friendship Treaty or the Middle East Partnership. Many years ago there was chaos in Arab isolation. The American mediator Yakami reversed. The signing ceremony will be attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and representatives from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

US President Donald Trump Yani or Navi Suruwat Hali Ali in the Middle East of the United States of America Let Yamuli come to a world, very important, in peace, in peace, in Asia, not in music. Many decades of struggle, as the new Middle East, comes to a standstill. Yener is working in friendly countries, starting with embassies in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

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Agreement: Explained Israel-UAE Friendship; Bharat Honor ‘As’ profit!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the reception in Yanni or Karachi, today is a historic day. Yes Day Friendship Parbachi Navel Mountain Ghion Yener. The Saturn, Palestine or Calvary vaccine is available. Mahmoud Abbas Yanni Sangle to take the Palestinian landminer to the illegal Taba Israel Sodun, then to the building of silence, security and stability in the Middle East, to the respected Nalyache Palestine.

Agreement: ‘Mission Peace Deal’ in Trump Yankee; Or ‘Arab country Israel’s treaty of friendship!

Israel and Palestine The beginning of the Middle Ages Aslaya Wadat The Arab country of Palestine was established after the establishment of the Sobat friendship with Israel. Just comes, has changed, the situation in the UAE has changed, Israel is coming to India. Tanthan Bahrain, Israel See Israel, Friendship Kelly. After the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Israel were discussed as friends. Simply put, Palestine Sobat is an internationally recognized peacekeeper. Israel established diplomatic relations with Israel after the signing of the Soba Peace Accords, Nahi Toilet Tanchiashi, Yeniya Ashka Asliyache Saudi Arabia.

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Agreement: ‘or’ Islamic religion, religion and government; Lokshahi Nandana!

Bahrain and UAE, Kaleli Kararch Palestine, Banana Banana. Ha Kange fell in love with Khanji’s Khupsanyasarakh Ashialche Palestine. In the UAE continent Bahrain, the Israeli Isabot Agreement Iran Bahrainwar Vaccine Kelly. Bahraini Israelchaya Guniat partner Hanar Asun or Bhagat Surakshita and Islam Jagatla Ha Motha Dhoka Asliyache Iranian.

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Asylum, Islamic State of Israel, Arab Desanakdun Friendship Treaty, Yache Paddas Amtnar. The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen are among the countries that have been targeted by Iran. Or Desna Irania Wadhatya Takdichi VT Tamulek Israel is a friendly friendship, the country is trying to do so. At the same time Indradakil China and Turkey are trying to establish friendly friendship with each other.


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