Lagna tax and water supply; ‘Or’ official offer!

The problem of the majority of the people in India is the lack of real population, the number of seats in the constituency, the Baskar Mandi, more and more people are facing problems. The government has not provided any financial assistance for the birthday party

Tokyo: With declining birth rates and increasing aging population, population growth is coming, the Japanese government has defeated the population. Lagna Karun Sansar Tatanyas Ambitious Couple Japanese Government Kadun Saha Lakh Yen Mahanje Jawan Pass 4.25 lakh has been given. Jenkrun Legna Karun Lavkarat Lavkar Mool Janmala Yave and Ghatya Birthday Control Control Meita Yale Ashi Sarkar

Magil’s view in Japan is a historical point of view, lakh lakh 45 thousand baby flies are being killed. However, the death toll was only five lakh and 12 thousand. The birth anniversary of Magil Barsacha Tulnat Yandachay is more official than the government. Maganil had a birth rate of 1.622 in Japan. Level or Annual Journey 1.60, its style and style is very good. Japan is the world’s largest adult-majority country with an unapproved budget of 12.4 million.

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Agreement: Yoshide Suga Honar Apanche Nav Pantpradhan

There are more than 100 Bamna Asananas in Japan. According to Lasantchaya practice, the birth rate of Hitch status has been maintained in Rachelus Japan by 2060 or the year Baskar Mandhinchi. Yes, there is a lack of potential fraud due to the Japanese government.

Contract: Visayache Valtech ‘Gambhiria’; Narchaya Yadav’s Chadun Minister’s statement

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Or the Honia Jodpeyanathi government, a partner in the scheme, applied the same condition. In the meantime, 40 more are coming to Jodpanch for fear of new work. Tatyashey Dochchehi Asta has collected more than 37 lakh from less new. At the age of 35, more than 3.3 million camels were produced in Tshibaye. 2.11 lakh, Madat Karnayat Yener.

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The National Population Institute and Social Security Research conducted a survey in mid-2015. Yamdhe 25 to 37 or Viogatil Javaspa 30 takka unmarried mule and 18 vak mulini meaning naliyamulele lagnar karniyach decision would have changed ghatla asliyache.

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Meanwhile, the birth rate of other countries, the population is being kept for Kadun effort. Italy has a moderate birth rate. Jamilantar Jorpial Sarkar Kadun will be given Rs 60,000. Answer: In Europe, in Estonia or in the country, the birthday of Wadvaniyasti Nokri Cornial Diad was done after the year with full pagrasah cotton. Tashivaye Three Mull Asleya Kutumbianna Rate Mahiniyala 300 Euros

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