Imran Khan Innahi Habia is a prisoner of Pakistan middle ticktower!

China is coming to China, there is no push for the bus. India and America are constantly coming to Pakistan, ticketover prisoners are being killed. Pakistan has information, data security and other reasons.

Islamabad: India and America, Pakistan and China are also pushing for this. Pakistan’s father Imran Khan Innahi is in captivity in Tiktakoar. Pakistan’s Minister for Sweets Shibli Faraj Yanni ‘The News’ Dilla Delhi Mollakhit Ha Dawa Kala is here. Simply put, Imran is not alone in protecting data.

Shibli Faraj Yanni Sangeet said, ‘Pantpradhan Imran Khan O Samajat Badhatya Pornography is very chintet. It needs to destroy socio-religious values ​​as well as the kind in Thambaban. Pantpradhan Imran Khan Yanni Yababat Apalashi 15-16 Vela Discussion Kelly Asliyache Faraj Yanni Music. Social media, application or application through porn, Tela Rokanyasathi is a broad politician, who is a real person, Imli Khan Imran Khan Inni Sangeet Aslias Dawa Faraz Yani Kala.

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Agreement: Pakistan besieges Gilgit; Weight resistance

Agreement: Chinala Vesan Lalanyasathi Pantapranachari Bharatala Saad in Japan

Homosexuality is often the result of an unlawful law and its many consequences. Tymulech Samajsathi Jaliyati Tharnya Tiktok Sarkhaya Appswar Ban Manyamichi Nekha Asliyache Kahi Divas

Contract: Undrala Milala ‘Bravery’ Award; Kamgiri Aichal level bunch of whales!

Or according to circles, potter Imran Khan Inni Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) ordered free tax on internet, social media and apps porn porn passions. Ptn patch dating app beautiful captive attack. Or appmool obscenity and homosexuality are realistic jat pasarvalle.

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For security and other reasons, India has sold more than two lakh people in prisons. Tiktakawar detained drunken mulele sugar keshala moth will suffer damage.

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