Coronavirus action, a breed of change? Shariat sodala janar corona virus

Coronavirus latest update: Sadhiya Social Mediaover, Vegvegel Challenges Suru Ahet. One Chandlange is just the Lokanchi slum in London. London Youth and Nirgali Persona Corona Challenge Daniat Ale Asun Shararit Coronche Birunu Sodanayat Yener.

London: Ekadade karo sarsargachi hard ho ho new yasathi jagbharat kajji ghatli is coming. At the same time, the British people came to see the temple. Britannadim Covid Challenge Trial Karniyat Yener Asun Yamadhe Manvi Shararit Koroncha Biranu Takaniyat Yener. The reason is unknown

Ascelia has a lot of influence in Coronavar Tayar Karnat Yat, Yachi Chachani Karnat Yener. Human Challenge: Medium Media Gluten Development: Kariyanbatis Idea Suru Asliach British Government Official According to the BBC’s Delhi Circle, Asha is not a signatory to the agreement. How many people have worked together, or through human challenges, how to correct, how you can make love, Yaba has been discussed. Hey prayan karanacha rokhanasyathi karanayat yenia or a part of prayatancha. Jaanekrun ha mahastich ajar lavakarach kudushtat eva.

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Agreement: You’re doing it alone! ‘Or’ lashichi last tappatil chachani suru

Or change the participant honiyasathi mathya number, one youth and one volunteer. Or chanavimule karnavaril las very effective, yashi mahiti samor yonar. Yamule is the most effective corpse leash yener. The 24-hour care deal for Hananya citizens participating in Hanania or Chachni in London is coming to Yener. Janwari Mahiniyat or Chachanila Surut is a beautiful woman.

Agreement: or ‘Suspended Oxford Las Chachanivar in the country

Contract: Denar Gluten in Coronavar Nakawa; Produced by Siram Corner, India

In Karon Sansargacha, Nayanatasthi Jagbharat Prayatan started. 36 Lashanchi Manvi Chachani has started. Keleli Lass is the ultimate destination developed by Oxford University, USA and China China Company. Jagatil is the first banana banana glue banana, many countries have come up with the question mark of Russian banana.

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Contract: Players of Danger! Mask nahi mahun tondala sap gundala

Except for the already mentioned country; There are 43 numbers in the country, the number of people is disappointing. Only United States, India, South American correspondence included. Chahul was applicable in the country. Physician of Thanitit Tapachehi Sick Hospital. Please do not make any wrong numbers.

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