Chinashi Tanao Asatana Fresne Dili Ankhi 5 Rafael Aviation, Chini J-20C ‘Kan’ Banar

Tanao Tokla Asatana Bharatasthi Andi is a good Batmi from Indo-China. Francecadun Bharatala Ankli 5 Rafale Biman, Mitali Ahet. Only the plane of love, Innayechi India ach

Paris: In France, Rafael Ladou is a rich man and an Indian or Tukdital 5 Ladakh Aviation Perfect France. Only the Raphael-powered October medium-weight grapevine, uninterrupted. Or Flight West Bengal Madhil Kalikund Airport is located there. The aircraft itself will protect Chinla Lagun Aselia Purvekdil Simach. Rafaichya First Tukdital 5 Aviation September 10 is an official program at the Indian Air Force Dakhal Hali Ali.

Frances Sopavalli Rafaelchi Dusari Tukdi

Indian Ambassador to France Emanuel Lenin Inni Economic Timesila Mahiti Delhi. Rafael Ladau Aviation, another detachment coming to India Sopvaniaat. The plane is due to France. Indian aircraft carriers are also rarely in charge of aircraft carriers. Indian Air Pilot Pilot, great attack, Ashte Mahanle.

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Raphael changed the middle India

Indo-China Madhil Tanav is Odhala. Or the landlord or the aircraft India has turned into a banana instead of a sight. Lack of temperature of Yamuel and plane started in Tapsu Sahajpante.

China J-20 Flight Aviation Collision

Comparison of China Chengdu J-20 and PakistanCheya JF-17 Ladakh aviation Bhartaya Rafaleshi. The Rafalechaya is known as two planes in comparison to Kahishi Magh. Roll stealth fighter of Chinese J-20 aircraft. There are many reasons to use Raphael Airport. J-20 Chi Basic Range 1,200 km. Yes, go to Badhwali for 2,600 kilometers. J-20 Chi Lambi 20.3 m to 20.3 m. Tichi is 4.755 meters high and Panchi is 12.6 to 13.50 meters long. In other words, there is no Rafalepasha Khopach Math. China Pakistan Pakistan JF-17 Central PF-15 Field Rafalaxe Devi.

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Rangadanyach roar in Bharatchaya in Ladakhmadha; Fourteen ruthless windmills

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Punyaya Shettakanyachi Yashogatha in PM Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’

In the rainy season, the last of all is Raphael India

France Rafar India has brought 3rd Rafale aircraft in Kharedicha agreement. 36 packs 30 unloaded aircraft. Level 4 training aircraft unchanged. The two seats of the training aircraft are on the ground floor and in the middle of it. Rafale aircraft equipped with lethal weapons Rafael Bimanbitta Meteor, Mica and SCLP are the only weapons basin

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