Chinacharyana Karunachi factory? ‘O’ will re-apply


Coronavirus Update: Karnacha Biru Uhan Ethyl Examiner in China Her halala Asliach Dawa Kanyaat is here. Or, the world healing poet has clearly explained his role.

Washington: December 2019 Chana Akheris is the gathering of Uhan Shahtun Corona in China. Ala-Asliach, who was accused of carrying the Chinchina test, was found to be in the United States. Tshibaye Chinamadhun Pune Alleya used to claim to be a virologist. Simply, there are bananas in the form of global healing. Tedros Zebrasius, head of the Global Health Organization, came to rescue Inni Chincha.

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Tedros Zebrasius Inni, head of the World Health Organization, a dialogue of grateful journalism. Karunach Biranu Sinachya, a journalist from Tavelli, was on a medical patrol in Taraliya. Tivar Uttara Detana Gerbrias Inni Mathale, World Health Music Connection Science Purvayanvar Biswas Thevete. The story of Karnach Birashu examination, Ticker Jala is coming in the middle of Delhi. Only, whose corrections are in the famous Leal Ah, according to the natural composition of Karunach Biranu, Samor Ale Asailache Tanni Sangeet Le

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Agreement: ‘or’ the solitary WHO would have been Pathimba; Chinachi confession

Global Healer, Head of Head, reads Tedros Zebrasius Yanni Mant; Kahijan medium speaks, Tewar amahi kahihi bhasya karu shakti nahi. Only the scientific, classical method was followed, and I Sangu Shakti, Asya Tayani Mahatal.

Contract: Corona: Highly effective antibiotic research; Adhesive stabilization

Yadhi, Coronacha Birnu claims to be a man-made asylum, he will be a Chinese scientist Dr. Li Meng Yani. Unsurprisingly, Yash Puravehi is in harmony with Aslyache. Dr. Lee Meng Inni is publishing a revision art for the sake of Aplya Dwacha Pushyartha. Karnacha Birusu, both Baghabancha Genetic Material Passun Taria Karnyat Ala Asliyache is coming.

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Contract: Kazi Ghia; Corona nuclear deception! Is the mask unreal?

Scholar scientist Dr. Yan Yan Sodhodhan Fetilun Lavale. Dr. Inche’s review article is not credible. Mandanial issue or many revised essays, Corona Biranucha was born in his hometown and he was a man.


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