America: Democratic wing Hindu phobia, Netanyahu silently; Charge of Hindu organization

US Election 2020: Yandacha Head of Office, Nidnuk, Colorful Artist, Asylum, America, Every Social Accident, Trying Business. The Tatahi American-Hindu community is voting.

Washington: In November, Hanniya, or President of the United States, began campaigning for the presidency. Or minority voting and non-communal voting are considered important votes. Typaki Hindu-American Matardan Appaliakede Vannasathi Trump and Biden Yantyat Chododh Suru. Ashatch Democratic pacifist Hindophobia Orla Aslias accuses Hindus of banning gatherings.

The American Hindu Hindu Foundation has slammed the Democratic Party. Anti-Hindu-Muslim hatred has come in the democratic phase of Magil. Or Mudiawar’s Democratic Pakatail silently canceled the original name of the ‘Hindu American Foundation’. The role of the Hindu Phobicha chief did not deny the Republican wing Pathemba Daniech Sanket Foundation.

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Agreement: America’s Nudnuk: Indian Chancha Baloti Trump Trump Yanchi Musandi; Biden Agadivar

Many American-majority Hindus are Hindu American voters, Kaul is a contemporary Democrat in Aleppo. Asha V came and gave a hint of the ‘Hindu American Foundation’. The Hindu-American Foundation, the social media activist, the American Hindu, the American-Indian voter, the Democratic asshole, were injured in the massacre. There are many reasons why the discussion in Taymagil Khar. Anti-Hindu hatred is coming in Democratic Pakta Ekta Gatkadun. Merely, the Tayyarapakshil Netaniyankadun Soiskar is silent. Tashiboy First Hindu Senator Tulsi Gabbard, Texas Madhil Democratic Party Candidate Srinivas Kulkarni, Aselia Padma Kupa Innahi Hindu Phobiach Samla Lagla Originally ‘Hindu American Foundation’ has been published.

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Agreement: Importance of American American Hindu Hotabankela Alam; Biden and Trump fast

Agreement: American Modiyanchi Takad; Inclusion of Trump Incheon Howitt

In the meantime, the President of India, the President, the Nivadanuk, the color artist, the Asliamul, the Americans, every social worker, business, effort has gone. American American-Hindu ballot number is the deciding factor. Trump and Biden Inni have two crore Hindu voters in the United States. Biden Yani ‘Hindu American for Biden’ Ashi Mahim Suru Kelly. Biden Inni Hindu Community, Injustice and Discrimination, Assured in Realkach of Sodaban.

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