A country, China, China; Indian cheat!

China Debt in Maldives: China has arrived at the famous Maldivala Airport. Bharatsati is a very important country in the Maldives.

Male: Jagbhratil is poor and Laan Watanalaya Lahan Desna Mathya Proof purpose of China is to become popular. Karjaya Mathya Rakmekhali has many foreign affairs. Bharatsathi Mahattabach Asannara Maldibehi Chinachay Karjachaya Oyakhali Dabla Galla. The Maldives has a debt of ১ 3.1 billion to China, but the Maldives’ entire economy is 5 billion. The economy of the compassionately contracted Maldives is shrinking.

According to BBC Dwima, the Maldivian economy is based on the tourism industry. Sankatmul’s Malanibachaya in Karnacha has seen the fruits of tourism business. In the Maldives, Don Abz Dollars of Sumer was born in the year of the Passover Passover. But for the third time, it is a powerful event. As the crisis continues, the Maldives will be able to make a loss of ড 40 million.

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Agreement: Dragnacya Karzchaya, a country known for its famous Adkala. Power gridware frying pan

Former Maldivian Prime Minister and incumbent President Mohammad Nasheed Yanni Sangeet has taken ১ 3.1 billion from the country. In the meantime, there are loans between the government, public sector banks and special loans and special loans. Or our Maldivian government is heartbroken. The Maldivian government is releasing China Chia or Zait Adku Shakto Ashi VT Tiyani.

Agreement: One push on Chinala Musle; Indian Continental Arts Treaty

Nasheed Yanni Jin, a pro-Chin Kadun debtor, raised the question mark on his cheek. Or Prapaltun Sarkarla, how much tax income; Chinchaya Madatine Suru Asalelya Many project cost, Odhala Asilache Tanni Sangeetal. In mid-2013, the pro-China Asalia Abdullah Yamin Yanchaya government in the Maldives said the Omotya Prakalpanchaya Nawawar could occupy China. Hatch debt comes, government government, Samril Moth in trouble. The new government in the middle of the Maldives resolves the economic situation. There are many touching revelations.

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Agreement: Japantar Indonesian Chinla Huskavale; South China Sea

Through the Maldives, China, Fedness, Apasia Therla has revealed her date situation to Sri LankanSarchi Hail, Ashi VT Nasheed Yanni Kelly. Sri Lankalahi chineche debt na feda na aleimule tana apale mahatache hambantota monkey chinla 4 year old vadekkarbar divhe. The Laos Diesel Power Center, a Chinese government-owned company, is producing bananas in the Maldives.

Indian cheating?

The Maldives Loan Federation cannot just cheat, it is liable to its partners in India. 90,000 Chowkimi region Fawar Pasarlela The country of Maldives, India is very important. The Indian island of Minicoche is 100 km away from the Maldives sea. However, the southern part of Kerala is 400 km away from Maldvichaya Betanche. Chinese Kadun Bharatchi Hindi Ocean Kondi Karniyache late Suru Ahet. The strategic vision of the Maldives focuses on the famous Gione China or Desala Karzacaya, a well-known hateful endeavor. The business media is trying to strengthen its hold in China or across the country. In the Maldives, after the new government of China in the middle of 2014, Sobat Konatahi Agreement, Kaniyat Ala Nahi.

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