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Why is Satyapal Malik continuously fighting against the Centre, is there any intention to return to Jatland?

Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik is constantly raising his voice against the central government on various issues, so whether it is his intention to return to Jatland? Know in this news of IAS…

Satyapal Malik: Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has been continuously taking Khilafat to the Central Government and has been taking regular digs at other issues including the farmers’ movement that surrounded the Central Government, many videos of his Khilafat are also going viral. Due to which it is believed that he has become a new headache for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Malik, who was the governor of Jammu and Kashmir and Goa before taking charge in Meghalaya, has said that he is not afraid to step down if asked.Also Read – Those who used to hesitate to go to the temple, apply such a big tilak, as if they are the biggest Hindus: CM Yogi

Referring to his recent statements on three agriculture laws, Malik said, “The day they (government) will tell me they have a problem, I will not wait even a minute to resign, from day one,” IANS reported. , I have spoken for it. I was ready to go and join the farmers’ protest.” Also Read – UP Assembly Election 2022: Akhilesh’s slap on Yogi – Who will accept that our Baba runs a laptop

Satyapal Malik had also questioned the government’s silence on the deaths of farmers at the protest sites during the farmers’ protest. He had said that around 600 people have died in the country’s biggest farmers’ movement, but not a single word of condolence has come from the leaders of the ruling party. Also Read – Babu, this Twitter will vote for you too…

According to the news of IANS, political experts believe that Malik may return to active politics in ‘Jatland’ and if he splits from the BJP then his move could be a reward for the opposition. Experts believe that the problem with the BJP is that it cannot afford to sack him before the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh early next year, as such a move could further dent the Jat vote.

A leader with Samajwadi Party background, V.P. The Singh-led government enlisted him to tap the Jat votes in western Uttar Pradesh and counter another veteran, the late Ajit Singh.

According to the news of IANS, Malik not only spoke against the government on the issue of farmers, but also made allegations of corruption in Jammu and Kashmir in a video that went viral on social media. In the video, Malik can be heard addressing a group of people alleging that apart from being approached by people, when he was the governor of Jammu and Kashmir, files related to a corporate house were cleared. He was offered a bribe of Rs 150 crore for giving, with RSS links.

Malik said that the government is firm on the issue of farmers and farmers have been on the border for more than 10 months and the government should listen to their demands. Earlier, he had also offered to negotiate on the guarantee of MSP by the government.

Let us inform that Malik was appointed as the Governor of Meghalaya in August 2020. He took over as the 21st Governor of the state on August 19, 2020. Malik, a former Union Minister and MP, has held several positions both in the state and at the Center in his long career.



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