Which Prime Minister was mentioned by PM Modi, who was fined 13 thousand


new Delhi:

PM Modi addressed the country on Tuesday evening. During this period, he spoke on several issues including corona virus epidemic, lockdown, unlocked, self-sufficient India and Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. PM Modi also raised the issue of following the rules. He said that those who do not follow the rules will have to explain.

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PM Modi said that at the time when the lockdown was in place, everyone was following the rules. Everyone was serious on this issue. But as soon as the unlock started, some people became careless. Now all citizens of the country need to show the same vigilance again. Those who do not follow the rules will have to stop and explain them.

He said that you must have seen in the news that a Prime Minister of a country was fined 13 thousand because he did not wear a mask in a public place. The local administration of India will also have to work with this agility and passion.

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This is a campaign to protect 130 Indians. The village head or the prime minister of the country is not above any rules. Now it is being discussed that PM Modi finally said about which Prime Minister. Actually, PM Modi in his speech mentioned the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boiko Borisov.

One Nation One Ration Card for the whole country

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PM Modi said that you have filled the tax honestly, have fulfilled your obligation, so today the poor of the country are able to cope with such a big crisis. Today I heartily greet every farmer and taxpayer of the country along with every poor person. I bow to them Now a ration-card is also being arranged for the whole of India. That is, one nation – one ration card.

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