Where the Prime Minister used to come, even Ramlila has not yet received permission



New Delhi. On the one hand, all educational institutions, including schools and colleges, are closed due to corona infection. At the same time, the effects of corona infection are now beginning to have an impact on cultural programs like Ramlila. Ramlila at the Red Fort ground, where the Prime Minister himself was involved, did not even get Ramlila’s permission this year. Arjun Kumar, secretary of ‘Love Kush Ramlila’, one of the largest Ramlilas in the country to be held at the Red Fort Ground, said the Ramlila would be held. We have not yet received the NOC from the Delhi Police. Land clearance has not been received yet. This plain of the Red Fort comes under the Archaeological Survey of India. We will soon meet the Minister of Culture and senior officials of the Ministry to perform Ramlila on this land.
With this happening in Delhi, many big Ramlila officials are contacting senior officials from the Home Ministry and the police department.
Arjun Kumar said that according to the current rules, only 100 people can gather for any such program. We will appeal to the central government for some more relaxation, besides we are also considering other options for organizing Ramlila.
“We want some more people to come to Ramlila with social distance,” said Gaurav Suri, vice-president of Luv Kush Ramlila, at the Red Fort. We will follow the rules laid down by the central government for participating in Ramlila. However, our request is to allow more people to come to Ramlila. In the past years, about one lakh people used to reach Ramlila several times on a normal day. Given to Corona, it’s not right to gather so many people. We have at least 5,000 people allowed. If such permission is given, we will be able to make complete arrangements with social distance.
It is noteworthy that preparations for most of the big Ramlila in Delhi started 3 months ago. The Ramlila has a huge stage, attractive gates, hundreds of food stalls and a wide range of swings for entertainment.

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