Want Healthy Glowing Skin and Hair so the use of rice water use


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Healthy Skin Or Hair Tips: Whether your home is in also rice water fly is thrown? If so, maybe you don’t know that rice water for health, how beneficial is. As well as these are an excellent beauty product, too. Market today in the world of beauty creams and products available is the same reason in the home easily available things we circumvent the turn. Basically these home remedies without any side effects better results give.

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If you better skin and hair, if you want to easily available rice water to your daily diet include. And its advantages by watching you are also surprised Will. Boiled rice water is rich in B vitamins, which is to produce melanin to promote even happens. Rice wash or blank, after which the water escape is her rice water has to say. The rice in the water of the vitamin B which is found the melanin in the hair increases.

To the skin is beneficial


Rice water in many vitamins and minerals which consists of your skin for superfood are like. It is an excellent anti-oxidant with being Sah free acid is also very good source.

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Skin follicles pores to reduce and supple to make the rice water is highly beneficial. This magical rice water to you skin toner as the can also be used.

It used wedge-moans to treat can also be used. Your properties go, cold rice water is damaged skin, helps to recover and your skin from any damage save.

How to use

Rui from rice water on your face cleanser or toner as planted. In addition it you spray nozzle with an empty bottle in the can put and your face directly on the spray can.

The hair will be in firmly and brightness

Inositol called of carbohydrates due to the presence of rice water strengthen the hair, and is helpful in making. Rice water you conditioner or shampoo as that can be used.


How to use-

You your hair after shampoo or conditioner generally used can. It on your hair, insert your head to massage and clean wash off with water take. It once a week or two time use. More nutrition, you get it in your hair for 10-15 minutes until the felt stay give then hair washing.

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