Vodafone Idea by selling part of the news denied on Friday, the Rockets had become the company’s stock


Vodafone Idea (Vodafone-Idea) said on Friday that he is constantly on various occasions to assess the Keeps but its directors still before any such offer is not. Vodafone Idea by this explanation as the stock market has.


Google (Google) The Vodafone Idea (Vodafone-Idea) Five percent stake in gain to an eye on the related reports, the telecommunications company said on Friday that he is constantly on various occasions to assess the Keeps but its directors still before any such offer is not. Vodafone Idea By this explanation the Bombay Stock Exchange is given. He felt it in his explanation of this report a day later, given that the alphabet of a unit of Google telecommunications company in the 5 percent stake on the eye. The company said on Friday in a statement said that the corporate strategy under the company, its shareholders, the value of moving for different opportunities to assess keeps. Whenever the company’s Board of directors, such proposal shall consider the company, its information will and public information publications follow the terms of the will.

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On Friday Vodafone Idea of shares in around 35 percent of leaping
Vodafone Idea Said that file so there is no proposal on which the board of Directors is considering to be. According to the statement We want to reiterate that the company SEBI Listing Rules would follow and the price attached to all sensitive notifications stock markets, with share will. Gul share of an eye on the news from the Vodafone Idea of the stock on Friday in the leaping. Of the company on the said statement of her share in which was faster on it, something breaks felt. The Bombay Stock Exchange in the end it is closer to 13 percent along the edge of 6.56 bucks on close-up. Please tell that Vodafone Idea of the stock in Friday close to 35 percent more fast view of The had received.

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In early trading Vodafone Idea of the stock in the BSE 31.62 per cent with a gain of 7.66 bucks on reach were. Nifty in the company share of 31.90 percent faster with 7.65 Bucks were on. Before the recent Facebook’s Live platform in the stake took. Interestingly, the Financial Times on Thursday reported that Google Vodafone Idea Ltd in the five percent stake, wants to buy. However, both companies to comment on was denied. While BSE has this report in the context of the Vodafone Idea explanation from the manga was.

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Vodafone Idea in Google’s interest after the report many analysts said that the global technology company of any potential investment cash crisis struggling telecommunications company to strategically important will be, but it so is not enough so Vodafone Idea of the problem to be. Credit Suisse has a filling in said that Bahari unit by the ientrance of the share acquisition or the existing promoters by the equity capital investment is the need of time. She had said that we think that unless Google or any second investor Vodafone Idea in ientrance buy a stake doesn’t look at the company, the 2022-23 (after that time the spectrum payments to received a deferment will end) in the market stay will be difficult.

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Goldman gifs said was that adjusted gross income conditions are also remains uncertain and the company of a net $ 14 billion of debt in 50 percent can. In this situation unless the nice liability things on isn’t clear telecommunications company to attract investors it is not easy to find. Vodafone Idea the financial pressure and experts have repeatedly cautioned that the company’s birdcake viability ranging fears is. (Input language)


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