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The son-daughter has replaced the property in the name of the dog, the owner of the property built at will knows why?

Some time ago, Akshay Kumar’s film Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh is going to be repeated in real life. The name of the film is Entertainment. In this the owner of the dog follows his property in the name of the dog. The whole story revolves around this sequence and a similar incident is revealed in Chhindwara, under which a farmer from Baribara village in Chhindwara also gave half of his dog’s property instead of his son.

The whole incident took place in Bari Bara village of Chhindwar Chaurai block. Om Verma, a 50-year-old farmer living here, got married twice. He has three daughters and one son since his first marriage. He has two daughters from his second marriage. Om Verma owns half of his property to his second wife. The other half is named after his loyal dog.

In fact the farmer loves his dog very much and the dog also takes full care of the farmer. The dog’s name is Jackie. The farmer is deeply saddened by his son’s behavior, which is why he wrote in his will that the dog always took care of him, that his dog Jackie took care of him after his death, the same part of him. Will be entitled to the property.

The farmer has clearly written in his will that his second wife Champa Verma and dog Jackie have served him. The farmer says he loves both of them the most, so half of his property will be given to another wife and the other half to Jackie. The one who will take care of Jackie later will be the partner of his property.


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