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The man sang a melodious song that the bird also woke up, then gave such support, watch this viral video

A man sitting in a car in front of a bird sang a melodious song that not only shocked the bird, but also drove people crazy on the internet. On social media, this song sung in front of birds in a melodious style is going quite viral. Internet users are overwhelmed by this beautiful video. This guy’s voice is being liked on social media and the way the bird has reacted, people are finding it funny.

In fact, this video was sung by Instagram user @SwastikMastan, who sang the song of the person in front of the bird. This Instagram user explained the song in detail in the video caption. This video shows a bird perched on the bonnet of a car. One is seen standing next to this bird. Moments later, the person starts singing in a melodious style.

As the person sings, the bird chips and begins to make a loud noise, as if it were supporting the person. People love this amazing thing of both. People are unable to prevent themselves from commenting.

One Instagram user wrote in praise – amazing. Another user wrote – Beautiful, my mother sent blessings and love for you. In the eyes of the user. He wrote- Tears came to my eyes after watching this video. There are many such comments on Instagram below this video.


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