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Prime Minister Modi issued fake signatures and sought appointment letters, got married, took dowry in large quantities, now such a public poll

People are not afraid to get married even after showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fake signature order. Although. The information obtained from RTI has revealed the whole situation. Now the police have arrested Bisis. According to sources, Amit Kapoor, a resident of Alwar town behind Chetna Nagar Hotel Osai Place in Maharashtra’s Nasik district, married a young woman.

Before the marriage, Amit described his daughter’s family as a senior official in NTPC. It also showed a letterpaid with an appointment signed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The woman had filed a case against Amit Kapoor at the police station after the reality was revealed after the marriage. Amit was arrested by Kotwali police. Jaipur CIDC CB was investigating the case.

The file was handed over to Alwar police after the investigation was completed. Alwar police arrested Amit. Police said that the Prime Minister’s letter given by Amit Kapoor was proved to be fake after getting information from RTI. He was complained to the Prime Minister’s Office.

On May 8, 2018, PK Issar, Assistant Director in the Prime Minister’s Office, wrote a letter to the Director General of Rajasthan Police forging the signature of the Prime Minister of India. A case has been filed and the investigation has been handed over to CID CB Jaipur. After the investigation proved the allegations to be true, Alwar police arrested Amit Kapoor and called him Alwar.


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