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During the rounds, something similar happened to the bride from behind the bride, people started laughing, watching viral videos

Although the wedding season is over, Corona-era weddings show their different colors. This year, the wedding was streamed on social media by photographs and videos. Meanwhile, many such videos dominated social media, which caught people’s attention. In this episode, a video went viral so that the bride did something similar to the groom in the wedding pavilion, after which the whole crowd echoed with laughter. What you see in the video will bring a smile to your face.

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In fact, a video of the wedding at Gurudwara is going viral on social media. This video shows the wedding taking place at the Gurudwara and everyone is seen sitting. When it was the turn of the bridegroom, the bridegroom got up and went to the other side, then the bride pulled the groom’s clothes from behind and told him to walk in the right direction. Everyone laughs at the bride’s performance and the whole atmosphere resonates. The bride is seen in the 14th second position of this video.

This video quickly went viral on social media. The video was also shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on his official Twitter page with a funny caption. Dipanshu writes- ‘A true life partner always shows you the right path’. This video is being liked a lot. This video has been viewed by over forty thousand people so far.


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