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Viral News: Seven-year-old girl started crying when leopard caught, people who reached the spot lost their senses

The leopard caught the girl and tried to nab her.

Viral News: A leopard attacked a seven-year-old girl. The leopard caught the girl and tried to nab her. The badly frightened girl started screaming and crying. When people reached after hearing the voice, their senses were blown away. The girl was caught by the leopard. People immediately tried to drive away the leopard.Also Read – Video: Leopard attacked a person in the park, saved his life with great difficulty

The case is of Majhra village near Barhi range of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve of UP. Here a leopard attacked and seriously injured a seven-year-old girl, who has been admitted to the hospital. Doctors said that his condition was critical due to excessive bleeding and injuries. Also Read – The leopard entered the house chasing the pet dog and then…

The girl’s father Gurmail Singh said that the leopard entered their courtyard and attacked the girl. Gurmail Singh and his wife were inside the house when they heard their daughter Manpreet shouting for help. He then came out and saw that a leopard had caught Manpreet. They pelted stones at the leopard and their neighbors also came out with sticks. They were successful in driving the leopard away. Also Read – Bloody Conflict: Wild Elephants Killed 40 Year Old Domesticated Male Elephant ‘Kaal Bhairav’, With Female Elephants…

According to Naveen Khandelwal, Deputy Director, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, “This is the first attack by a leopard in the region. Our team is monitoring the area and it seems that the leopard has changed its location. We have asked the local residents to be alert especially in the evening. The condition of the girl is critical due to excessive bleeding. We have assured compensation to the family.”


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