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VIDEO: Nitin Gadkari’s sharp and cheeky style – MLA unhappy – did not become minister, minister unhappy – did not become CM, CM sad that….

VIDEO: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has made a very cheeky but sharp remark. He said – MLA sad – that he did not become a minister, minister sad that – did not become CM, CM sad that how many days will last, watch video….

Rajasthan News: Addressing a seminar in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari made a sharp and cheeky remark. He said that MLAs were not happy because they could not become ministers, ministers were unhappy because they did not get good portfolios, those with good portfolios were sad because they could not become CMs and CMs are worried because they don’t know how long they will be CMs. Will remain. Will it stay or not?Also Read – Karnataka News: Politics heated up by BJP MLA Shrimant Patil’s statement, Siddaramaiah said – BJP gave crores of rupees

Gadkari further recited a poem and said, “Poet Sharad Joshi once wrote that those who were not suitable for the states were sent to Delhi and those who were not suitable for Delhi were made governors, who were appointed as governors. Not appointed, he was made ambassador. This happens in every political party.” Also Read – Gujarat News: Bhupendra Patel arrived to heal the wounds of Deputy CM Nitin Patel? know what said

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Gadkari was addressing a seminar on Parliamentary Democracy and People’s Expectations in the Legislative Assembly on Monday. He said that a journalist asked me how do you live in fun. I said that I do not worry about the future, he who does not worry about the future remains happy. Keep playing like one day cricket. When I asked Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar the secret of hitting sixes and fours, they said that it is a skill, similarly politics is a skill.

Gadkari’s taunt said a lot…

Nitin Gadkari has taunted his own party without naming the minister and the Chief Minister by giving an example of being unhappy. On Sunday itself, BJP changed the Chief Minister in Gujarat and in place of Vijay Rupani, Bhupendra Patel has been made the Chief Minister, where Nitin Patel’s statement was also expressing his grief, while the statement of an MLA from Karnataka also came that Give the minister post. This is the situation in many states.


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