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UP Assembly Election 2022: A setback for SP-BSP ahead of elections, 10 MLCs will join BJP tomorrow

UP Assembly Election 2022: Before the assembly elections, SP-BSP has suffered a setback. 10 MLAs of both the parties will join BJP tomorrow.

UP Assembly Election 2022: There are only a few months left in the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, before this, the process of upheaval and change of party is also going on in various political parties in UP. Amidst the barrage of sharp statements and a bunch of promises, a big news has come. The Bharatiya Janata Party has made a big dent in the camp of Samajwadi Party and BSP. 10 MLCs of Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party will join BJP tomorrow. According to the information, Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma and BJP Vice President Dayashankar Singh have played an important role in getting the members of Samajwadi Party to join the BJP.Also Read – UP BJP Chief Swatantra Dev gave guru knowledge to party leaders to win elections, drink tea with 100 Dalits and…

According to the information received, 10 MLAs including Ravi Shankar Singh Pappu of SP, CP Chand, Akshay Prasad Singh and Brijesh Kumar Singh of BSP will join BJP tomorrow. Also Read – National hero Sardar Patel is on one side and Jinnah who broke this nation is on the other side: CM Yogi

Let us tell you that before the elections, BJP is making all its preparations and it is trying to break into those parties whose leaders have good influence in their area. This has also been the tested formula of BJP. That is why in the 2022 elections, BJP is trying its tested formula once again. But this time its target is the Samajwadi Party and its leaders, because the party’s goal is to win the assembly elections, whether its candidate is its own or even if it has come from some other party. Also Read – VIDEO: BJP’s ‘Jam’, SP’s ‘Butter’, Akhilesh Yadav targeted Yogi government like this

Let us tell you that even before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections were being held in the country, the BJP had adopted the same strategy that then all the big stalwarts of the Congress had joined the BJP and when the turn came for the 2017 assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP did The same formula was adopted and now the assembly elections are in front of it, to win which BJP is trying to put its full force.


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